Our short courses in specific subjects give you the essentials you need to perform.

A powerful mix of:

Community activities where people encourage each other

Independent work that continues to train all your language skills

Engaging topics of interest to keep you learning both a language and a subject.

Live classes

Expect programs designed to get you fluent in the terms, vocabulary and phrases typically used in real business environments.


Practical management

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Practical management

Actionable steps towards to becoming an effective manager.

Based on the bestseller by Mark Horstman “The Effective Manager”:

  • A practical “how-to” guide on how to be an effective manager
  • Using both the terminology in the book and adding other resources for students to get a full view of the concepts
  • Practice these ideas in English through rigorous English training routines, drills, interactions with the community and their teachers

The staff will be trained in English to be someone who produces results by:

  • Building relationships with their people
  • Retaining and developing a high performing team
  • Communicating clearly about performance
  • Asking for more and pushing work down even when their own native language is not English


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Using the specific language and concepts explained to students of Project Management, this course begins with the foundation disciplines of a project as defined by the Project Management Institute.

It is supported by multiple points of view from experts in the field and a broad base of literature. Agile project management is one of the exciting subjects you will be exposed to. The program is drawing on the PMBOK 6 information source.


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Mining is a complex human endeavour, it is also a niche topic that you will have difficulty finding English training materials for. This is an advanced English language program for speakers of other languages designed to train students’ adoption of the English vocabulary and terminology found in the Mining industry.

  • By the time you’re done, you will be generally able to participate in discussions related to mining.
  • You will understand the industry from a technical, historical and future-looking perspective.
  • You will have been exposed to concepts related to geology, mining, and mineral processing.


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This program is specifically designed for professionals learning English who have little or no accounting/financial technical knowledge.

If you want to become fluent in both the fundamentals of financial management and the tools and techniques used to make financial decisions in a corporate setting, but be able to do so in English – this is the course for you.


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If improving your effectiveness in the workplace and moving your career forward, while networking with other business leaders sounds interesting to you, then you should consider the HR management program.

Effective management of people is needed to ensure the company and employees are on the same page and have similar goals. This is hard in any language. You can discover the guiding principles and theories used by real-world professionals in English, then practice that knowledge with a real teacher of English who understands your topic.