English fluency that actually improves your business

Key values for

your business

We teach your people so they can provide real value for your business.



Our program provides real opportunities for your business by using specific and targeted topics.

We improve the ability of your people to support business:

Engaging and relevant content that helps staff to learn more and keeps their attention.

Actual business language that is used in real corporate environments. Students add to their knowledge of business functions.

Teachers often have neither the business background nor an understanding of the topics. We move the conversation from weather and travel to real business topics.

All our teachers are trained to apply the program content and are able to interact with the students not just in English, but in functional language.

Over 7 hours of English training per week, including Skype speaking live classes.

Train anywhere with 24/7 platform access and mobile access; be part of an online community.

Integrating 4 skills, used in reinforcing combinations

Opportunities for motivating staff. (We would provide clients who engage with us a suggested list of opportunities they could consider for motivating their staff)