Language fluency that applies to real business English environments


Our programs train you in all your skills, using specific topics in business English.

  • Build your confidence
  • Develop your communication abilities
  • Professional English vocabulary

To dramatically improve your fluency, you need all your skills

Train your four skills
for English fluency

Author loic bellet

His teaching method mixes the different skills of fluency (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and adds them to grammar and vocabulary development, resulting in more effective language training. When these techniques are applied to a specific business topic you are genuinely interested in, your language will improve dramatically.

Author loic bellet



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Engaging and relevant content which makes your English language learning more interesting and useful.

Actual business language that is used in the real world, improving your knowledge of business functions.

Change your English training conversation from weather and travel to real business topics.

You’ll achieve over 7 hours of English training per week, including Skype speaking live classes.

You can learn a lot by collaborating with others at your level.

This is done by asking questions, sharing what you learn, and giving feedback to others.

Our programs include access to the community page for each subject.

Integrate all 4 skills, in the programs they are used in reinforcing combinations.

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