Global Solutions for english Business Language

This English training program, is based on specific business topics and four key principles. Bringing you guaranteed improvement.

Relevant topics

Our content is engaging, and we focus students’ time on specific training. We improve the ability of people to support your business strategy.

Guaranteed improvement

Our programs keep students involved, motivated, and speak real business language with English natives.

Business content

A suite of all specific and in-depth business topics that allow students to improve English fluency.

Mix of skills

Exercises have an actual business context. Mixing four skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking.


Individuals study on a convenient platform accessible from anywhere. It reminds, encourages and tracks progress.


Students interact and compete with each other on the platform developing an external motivation purpose.

Business content

Business functions have their own language that your training should match.

Project Management

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  • 8 weeks including
  • Foundational project phases
  • Project supporting key knowledge areas

Practical management

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  • 15 weeks divided into 3 programs
  • Developing relationships with people
  • Communicating clearly about performance
  • Asking for more and pushing work down the organisation


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  • 15 weeks divided into 3 programs
  • Overview of financial management, statements, analysis
  • Working capital management, budget and profit planning
  • Value of money, sources of finances, capital budgeting


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  • 15 weeks divided into 3 programs
  • Geology: from a brief history of the earth to geological mapping
  • Mining: beginning with alluvial
    mining through to reclamation and the environment
  • Mineral processing: the process of arriving at the end product, including waste management and the future of the industry

Human Resources

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  • 16 weeks divided into 4 programs
    Organizational development and performance management in companies
  • Recruitment and selection of talent
  • Compensation and benefits systems
  • Training, development and talent management

Custom programs

We will use our expertise to craft a custom product with you and develop a learning experience that will create behavior change and increase performance in English

Featuring video appearances by experts like Mike Clayton and Neal Rowland

Mike Clayton

  • CEO & Founder of Online PM Courses
  • Accomplished author, presenter and specialist in Project Management.
  • Find him at:

Neal Rowland

  • Instructor, Agile coach, designer and presenter
  • A specialist in traditional and Agile Project Management
  • Find him at:

Mix of skills

Knowing language means owning all four instruments of communication.

How we improve your language skills:


Anything that requires you to read and write, hear and write, think and write, including dictation, reflections and creative writing exercises, community posts, and others.


1.5hr classes each week with a native qualified teacher, posting audio records on the platform and getting feedback from the teacher and the community.


All single-subject business content articles and exercises, working with vocabulary.


Additionally, there are grammar and vocabulary exercises to support language development.

Featuring guest appearances by professional speakers related to topics with special rights to use their video content

Additionally, there are grammar and vocabulary exercises to support language development.

Train your four skills
for English fluency

Author loic bellet

His teaching method mixes the different skills of fluency (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and adds them to grammar and vocabulary development, resulting in more effective language training. When these techniques are applied to a specific business topic you are genuinely interested in, your language will improve dramatically.

Author loic bellet




Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

Discipline is a process.

All single-subject business content articles and exercises, working with vocabulary.

Elements of the program:

  • Students interact daily with the platform in English, and are reminded to do so
  • A high-performance intensive program is positively stressing students for approximately 1 hour every day
  • Reminders in between classes
  • The teachers provide weekly feedback to the content submitted
  • The students are able to track their progress
  • Reports are provided for both the students and the company


If you want to learn a language, first
find a reason.

Possible reasons for motivation:

  • Develop new networks
  • Study in international business schools
  • Impress your foreign counterparts
  • Work in a global team
  • Build your status because you speak English well

What we take care of for students:

  • Stimulation of participation and progress in the program
  • Competition elements to keep interested
  • Community interactions


Liesl De Wet

Liesl De Wet


  • A professional teacher helping students to improve their English communication skills and to become confident and fluent speakers.
  • Liesl has been teaching English professionally for almost a decade and to students from all over the world. Her specialty is improving students’ communication skills by focusing on speaking, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Her English accent is neutral and many students say she is very easy to understand.
Alexander Hart

Alexander Hart

  • An expert story teller with a legal background. Alexander speaks with a clean English accent and is knowledgable on business topics from both an academic and practical standpoint. Looking for a great way to improve and train your English?
  • You’ll connect with Alexander in more humane ways than you can imagine, because he’s personally travelled the road many only dream about and interacted with cultures across the world both for himself and as an English tutor. When he’s not teaching English or traveling, Alexander coaches people on how to write their life story.
Siobhan Theunissen

Siobhan Theunissen

Business English and English Language instructor

  • An ESL teacher for 5 years who has taught in different countries to students of all ages, from beginner to advanced. Her students are from Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Italy
  • TEFL qualified trainer. Siobhan has completed several Professional Development courses and a Master’s degree in Gender Theology through the University of Roehampton London.
  • Many students have said that her classes are interesting and engaging. Others have said that they love the classes and cannot live without them.

The course creators


Loic<br class="xs_hide"> Bellet


LB consulting team

Native English business language coach English. Business executive with over 20 years of experience in international trade and business management.

  • Able to converse at different levels of business management.
  • Online and offline TEFL qualified.
  • Fluent in the language of business.

Specialised in Business English aimed at improving clients’ ability to communicate across a range of business topics and disciplines.

Subject Expert

Alex<br class="xs_hide"> Galushchak


Translator, Interpreter and Editor /
Mining & Metals

Subject matter expert: Mining, an introduction.

Over 20 years of experience in applied linguistics.

14 years of language services for the metals and mining sector. Has been running the corporate translation team of the world’s third-largest gold producer since 2011.

Undertaken over 100 business trips and mine site visits across the globe.

Subject Expert

Elena<br class="xs_hide"> Ryzhkova


Business English and English
Language instructor

  • Chief financial officer, Head of audit in industry leading
  • Over 25 years experience in Finance and audit.



Subject Expert

Tamara<br class="xs_hide"> Solntseva


Business English and English
Language instructor

  • Head of Human Resources and organizational development industry leading companies.
  • Over 15 years experience in the Human resource field and organizational development. MBA




Will I be able to access my program once it it completed?

YES. Your access to courses you have completed will be available even after you’ve completed training.

Is this program visible on my phone/tablet?

YES. We use a platform that is mobile responsive, so it adapts to the screen size of your device.

Are the courses suitable for absolute beginners?

The courses are designed for students who are already fluent to an intermediate level and either engaged in the subjects or aspiring to know more about the topics, in English.

What types of courses are there?

We are always developing new niche programs. The list available is continuously growing. We presently offer Project Management and Practical Management

I am busy and cannot keep up with the program and training exercises.

If you are starting to fall behind with your work, we’ll be in touch to check in on how we can help you to make progress.

How is learning through a website going to train all my skills?

Part of the training methodology is that you use your writing and your speaking skills to create and submit materials for assignments and community exercises. This requires you to read/listen and then to create content in audio, or write it and then speak it into an audio device, in order to complete the exercises. In this way you’ll train all your skills. Additionally, many of our courses include teacher 1:1 classes during which you will be exercising your language fluency with a real teacher in a live class.